What Is Logan Paul Net Worth 2024: Age, Bio, Career, Brother, Life And More

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Logan Paul, a name synonymous with the world of YouTube and social media stardom, continues to make waves not just on online platforms but also in the realm of professional boxing and entertainment.

With a journey marked by incredible highs and controversial lows, Logan Paul net worth, career trajectory, personal life, and more unfold as a narrative of modern-day fame in the digital age.

Dive into the details with this friendly and informal exploration of Logan’s life, answering questions about his age, height, family, career, awards, relationships, and where he stands today.


Quick Facts

Real NameLogan Alexander Paul
Popular NameLogan Paul
Birth DateApril 1, 1995
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
ParentsGregory Paul and Pamela Stepnick
SiblingsJake Paul
Birth PlaceWestlake, Ohio, United States
EthnicityMixed (English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Jewish, French, German)
EducationAttended Westlake High School, Ohio University
Marital StatusEngaged (as of 2023)
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Wife/HusbandNot applicable
DatingEngaged to model Nina Agdal
Net worth Logan Paul$150 million in 2024
Source of WealthYouTube, boxing, acting, professional wrestling
Subscribers23.6 million
Height1.88 m (6 feet 2 inches)
Weight205 lb (93 kg)

What Is Logan Paul’s Net Worth ?

In the financial realm, estimates from 2022 placed his net worth $45 million. Net worth of Logan Paul 2023, it is approximated at a staggering $75 million, a testament to his diverse income sources from YouTube, boxing, acting, and professional wrestling. And in early this year, he has 150 million dollars.

YearEstimated Net Worth
2018$14 million
2019$16 million
2020$19 million
2021$21-25 million
2022$45 million
2023Approximately $75 million
2024$150 million

Back ground

Logan Paul was born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio, USA. With an age of 28 as of 2024, Logan embarked on his journey to stardom from a young age.

His parents, Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick, supported both him and his younger brother, Jake Paul, as they navigated the path to fame. Logan’s family background reflects a mix of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Jewish, French, and German heritage, enriching his identity.

Early Life

In terms of his career, his beginnings trace back to his college days. With a burgeoning following on the platform Vine, he made the bold decision to drop out of University to pursue a full-time career as a internet entertainer in Los Angeles.

In the initial years between 2015-2017, he amassed million followers across various social platforms and earned substantial revenue from advertising.

Logan Alexander Paul Early Life

Logan Paul Career Overview

He is an American social media influencer, wrestler, YouTuber, and actor. Let’s explore his ups and downs journey.

Early Career:

  • 2013-2014: He first gained significant attention on the video-sharing platform Vine. His short comedy sketches garnered millions of followers.
  • 2015: Transitioned his success to other platforms like You Tube, Instagram, and Facebook.


  • Channels: Runs a main channel called Logan Paul and a podcast called Impaulsive.
  • Content: Comedy sketches, vlogs, and more recently, podcast episodes.
  • Subscribers: Millions of subscribers and billions of views across his channels.
  • Noteworthy Events: Despite his success, he faced significant backlash in 2017 for posting a video that showed the body of a man who had died by suicide in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest.


  • 2018: He ventured into amateur boxing, participating in a widely publicized match against KSI, which ended in a majority draw.
  • 2019: The two had a professional rematch in which KSI was declared the winner by split decision.
  • 2021: Participated in an exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The match went the full eight rounds with no official winner being declared.


  • Films and Television: Has appeared in various projects such as the YouTube Red film The Thinning (2016) and its sequel, The Thinning: New World Order (2018).
  • Music Videos: Starred in a few of his own music videos, showcasing his interest in music as well.

Other Ventures:

  • Professional Wrestling: Made an appearance at WWE’s WrestleMania 37 event in 2021.
  • Entrepreneurship: Launched Maverick by Logan Paul, a lifestyle brand named after his pet parrot.
  • Podcast: Hosts the Impaulsive podcast with Mike Majlak and George Janko (Janko is no longer in the podcast) , which features a wide range of guests and topics.


  • Awards: Won awards for his online content, including a Shorty Award for Best Comedian in 2017.

Despite controversies, he has managed to maintain a large following and continues to explore various professional avenues, demonstrating his diverse range of talents and interests.

While his awards may not mirror conventional accolades, his recognitions are undeniable in terms of  YouTube subscribers, and viewership. He continues to leverage these platforms to expand his reach, establish his brand, and build his wealth.

Personal Life Insights


Peering into his life, one notices the ups and downs typical of a public figure navigating private relationships under the spotlight. Currently engaged, as of 2023, he has been in high-profile relationships and maintains a heterosexual orientation.

His sphere has been as vibrant as his online persona, dating quite a few celebrities over the years.

Among the notable relationships, he dated Amanda Cerny around 2016-2017, with the duo often creating videos together before parting ways​​.

His love roster also includes names like Alissa Violet, Jessica Serfaty, Josie Canseco, Chloe Bennet, and most recently, the Danish model Nina Agdal, with whom he got engaged in 2023​​.


On the feud side of things, Logan has had his share of controversies and clashes with other celebs. One of the more infamous incidents in his career came in 2017 when he uploaded a video that showed a deceased individual while hiking in a forest in Japan, which drew massive backlash from the public and other celebrities​.

However, the boxing ring has been a more recent venue for his feuds, particularly with Dillon Danis, whom he’s slated to face in a boxing match. Their rivalry has heated up the internet, with Danis even targeting Logan’s relationship with Nina Agdal in their verbal exchanges.

Logan’s life seems to be a blend of budding romances and heated rivalries, with each feud and love affair adding a new chapter to his ever-evolving public narrative.

Relationship Chronicles – Jake And Logan

Logan relationships have been a topic of discussion and interest for many of his million followers. Previously dating Josie Canseco in 2020, he is presently engaged to model Nina Agdal as of 2023.

logan and jake paul

Logan Paul and Jake are siblings who both catapulted to fame on the internet.

While they share a close brotherly bond, their relationship has been characterized by a mix of rivalry and collaboration. Both have supported each other’s ventures, often appearing in each other’s videos.

However, their competitive nature has also led to public spats, challenges, and pranks.

Regardless of the sibling antics, the Paul brothers have jointly shaped a significant portion of internet culture and remain two of the most influential figures in the digital entertainment realm. Their dynamic is a blend of brotherhood, business, and banter.

Current Standing

Today, he stands as a multi-faceted personality including entrepreneur. Despite controversies, his continuous pursuit of new horizons adds to his net worth and fortifies his position in the entertainment landscape.

  • Logan Paul boxing career continues to soar: He is now set to face off against UFC champion Conor McGregor in the ring.
  • He launches new podcast network.
  • He donates $1 million to various suicide prevention organizations.

How about Paul’s health?

In a recent update concerning this star health, the star appears to be on the mend following an injury scare. During a conversation with DAZN regarding his own fighting voyage, Jake disclosed that Logan’s condition is improving, faring better than initially anticipated.

What was feared to be an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury turned out to be afflictions to the MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) and Meniscus, which are considered less severe. Currently, Logan is undergoing rehabilitation in Los Angeles and is optimistic about the recovery journey​​.

The injury occurred during a wrestling match against Roman Reigns at the WWE Crown Jewel event. Despite realizing mid-match that something was amiss with his knee, Logan displayed a gritty determination by continuing to compete, delivering a performance that left an impression on the audience​​.

Moreover, despite the setback, Logan is showing promising signs of recovery. Known as ‘The Maverick’, he revealed on social flatform that his injuries included a torn meniscus and MCL, with a potential ACL tear as well.

While these injuries have temporarily halted his wrestling activities, Logan’s resilience is evident as he has already resumed training, eyeing a WWE comeback. He’s committed to his rehabilitation process, showcasing a hopeful trajectory towards regaining his in-ring fitness​​.

Logan’s health ordeal underscores the physical demands and risks associated with professional wrestling, yet his ongoing recovery also epitomizes the indomitable spirit exhibited by athletes in overcoming adversities to pursue their passion.

Social Media Account

PlatformUsername/Profile Link
YouTube Channel@loganpaulvlogs
FacebookLoganPaul Profile

Logan Paul Latest News 2024

  • Co-founder of PRIME with KSI: aiming for $1.2 billion in sales last year.
  • PRIME Milestone: PRIME celebrated selling one billion bottles with Gold Store pop-ups in NYC and London, offering a chance to win a $500,000 24K gold bottle.
  • Controversy: Senator Charles Schumer called for an FDA investigation into PRIME’s energy drink’s caffeine content for kids, but PRIME clarified it’s not for children and has a caffeine-free option.
  • Fan Mail Address: His fan mail address is 8383 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1050, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA.
  • Wrestling:
  • Logan Paul backed Cody Rhodes amid a WWE controversy over prioritizing a Reigns-Rock match, sparking debate on narrative decisions and fan expectations.
  • Logan Paul retained his U.S. Championship at Royal Rumble despite being hit with brass knuckles, defeating Kevin Owens by disqualification in his title’s first defense


What is Logan Paul’s age?

He is 28 years old.

How tall is Logan Paul?

He is 1.88 m tall.

Who are Logan Paul family members?

His family includes his parents, Gregory and Pamela and younger bro Jake Paul.

Has he received any awards?

While he has not received traditional awards, his social account metrics reflect significant achievement. He also got Creator Awards in Youtube field.

Has Logan Paul received any awards - How much is Logan Paul's net worth estimated to be in 2023?

How much did Logan Paul earn from his boxing matches?

He signed a multi-year deal with WWE, worth reportedly $15 million.

How much is Logan Paul worth In Youtube?

As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at approximately $25 million. He ranked at #9 in the list according to Forbes.

What is Logan current status?

He continues to flourish as a YouTuber, boxer, and entertainer despite facing past controversies.

What are the primary sources of his wealth?

His wealth primarily comes from his YouTube channel, boxing matches, acting roles, and other ventures such as his lifestyle brand.

How does his net worth compare to his brother Jake?

The net worth of both is substantial, though it fluctuates due to various investments and income sources. They both have multi-million dollar net worths.

Did he lose any sponsors or income sources due to controversies?

Yes, he lost some sponsorship deals and was temporarily removed from YouTube’s Google Preferred program after the Aokigahara Forest controversy in 2017.

How much is Logan Paul Photos worth now?

The NFT collection 99 Originals or 99ORIG for short, is doing pretty well. Right now, the lowest price to snag one is around 12 ETH.
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How has his net worth grown over the years?

His wealth has seen consistent growth due to his diverse income sources, including social network, boxing, acting, and entrepreneurship.

Are there any philanthropic efforts included in his financial activities?

While he has been involved in charitable activities in the past, specific financial details related to his philanthropy are not publicly disclosed.

What kind of merchandise does Logan Paul sell?

He sells a variety of merchandise, including clothing and accessories, under his brand Maverick by Logan Paul.

What kind of merchandise does Logan Paul sell

How is he related to Oppenheimer, if at all?

He claims he walked out of Oppenheimer because nothing happened.

What happened between Logan and Ricochet?

It was a WWE match between them and Logan has been kicked on face by Ricochet.

Said Logan: “I think it was a kick in the first two minutes, but I liked it. I like that actual pain.”

What is his religious beliefs or affiliations?

One time, he described himself as not overly religious.

Does Logan Paul have any notable tattoos?

He does have several tattoos. One of them is a depiction of Squirtle, one of the Pokemon in the Japanese anime of the same name.

What is the story behind Logan Paul claiming to be color blind?

The story behind his claiming to be color blind involves a video where he claimed to have red-green color blindness; this was met with skepticism and controversy.

Where can fans find or buy outfits similar to those Logan Paul wears?

Fans looking to buy outfits similar to those he wears can check out his Maverick clothing line or look for similar styles online or in retail stores.

What is his zodiac sign?

His zodiac sign is Aries.

What’s Logan Paul’s email?

For business, we collect these email, may you need:

  • logan@loganpaul.com
  • contact@drinkprime.com

Is it possible to obtain Logan Paul’s phone number for fan contacts?

Some sources show his phone number is (440) 823-0573.

Logan Paul phone number

How much does Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink cost?

On Prime website, each bottle costs from $13.99 to $29.99.

What is Logan Paul diet and workout routine?

He maintains a high-volume, six-day workout routine focusing on chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and legs, with additional abs workouts 2-3 times weekly.

His diet includes five meals daily with foods like eggs, oatmeal, chicken, and fruits, emphasizing healthy eating to support his intense training regimen.

Is Logan Paul engaged?

He is currently engaged to Nina Agdal as of 2023.

Is Logan Paul a billionaire?

Yes, with $150 million dollar.

When is his first fight for boxing?

August 25, 2018

Was Logan in Law and Order?

Yes, he role as a guest appearance.

Does he have a sister?

No, Logan Paul does not have a biological sister.
But rumors said that he has a secret sister named Zoey.

Did he save Rey Mysterio?

He broke silence after claiming that he have saved Rey Mysterio’s life during their clash at Crown Jewel.
Read More: WWE Crown Jewel 2023: Inside Match Of Logan Paul Vs Rey Mysterio

Can he speak German?

Logan Paul has demonstrated a basic ability to speak German in some of his videos, but it’s unclear how fluent he is.

Is Paul a boxer?

Logan Paul has participated in several high-profile exhibition boxing matches, making him known as a celebrity boxer, but he is not a professional boxer by trade.

Are Paul and KSI friends?

Logan Paul and KSI have a complicated history, initially being rivals in boxing matches. However, they have shown signs of camaraderie and mutual respect following their fights, suggesting a more friendly relationship.

Are Paul and KSI friends

Was he on Disney Channel?

Yes, Logan Paul appeared in Disney Channel’s series Bizaardvark but was cut from the series following controversial behavior in 2017.

Did he quit WWE?

On his Youtube video, he said that his WWE contract expires at the conclusion of this weekend’s WrestleMania 39.

Did he beat Floyd Mayweather?

Once he said that he didn’t win.

Does Logan have a kid?

Paul does not have any children.


In wrapping up this friendly and informal glance at his life and net worth, it’s evident that his journey is one marked by evolution, resilience, and continuous expansion.

Despite the hurdles and criticisms faced, his endeavors across multiple domains underscore his commitment to growth, success, and his development.

Logan, at the age of 28, with his towering height, resilient career, and colorful life, continues to carve out his path in the world, adding to his wealth, influence, and narrative of success.

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