All Logan Paul pets: Pig Pearl, Kong Dog, Maverick

Are you a fan of Logan Paul and curious about his furry and feathered companions? Look no further! In this article, we’ll take a delightful journey into Logan Paul pets. From parrots to pigs, we’ll introduce you to the adorable critters that make up Logan’s pet family in 2024.

What Pets does Logan Paul have?

Maverick – The Famous Parrot:

Maverick, the parrot, holds a special place in Logan’s heart and the hearts of his fans. This vibrant and charismatic parrot became an integral part of Logan’s brand and even inspired the name for his clothing line, Maverick Clothing.

Sadly, Maverick met an untimely and tragic end when Logan’s dog Ginger, a Red Tibetan Mastiff, mistook him for a toy. Despite his untimely departure, Maverick’s legacy lives on.

What Pets does Logan Paul have

Pancake – The Albino Turtle:

Pancake, an albino soft-shelled turtle, found its home with Logan. While turtles may not be the first choice for a pet, Pancake was a unique addition to Logan’s animal family.

Logan ensured that Pancake had a suitable habitat designed to meet its specific needs, showcasing his commitment as a pet owner.

Pearlbingbing – The Piggy Pal:

In 2018, Logan and his then-girlfriend Chloe Bennet adopted a cute pig named Pearl, affectionately known as Pearl.

Pearl became a part of their lives, but after their breakup and Logan’s move to Puerto Rico, Pearl found a new home. This transition highlights the importance of responsible pet rehoming.


Arya and Broley – Canine Companions:

Logan’s canine companions included Arya, a beloved dog who sadly passed away due to complications from surgery.

Broley, a Husky, joined Logan’s family after the loss of his Pomeranian, Kong. However, in 2022, Broley was given to Mike, Logan’s videographer, ensuring that he continued to receive love and care.

Kong – A Tragic Loss:

Kong da Savage, Logan’s Pomeranian, met a tragic fate when he was attacked by coyotes. This heartbreaking loss was deeply felt by Logan and his fans, emphasizing the importance of pet safety and awareness.

Sir – The African Grey Parrot:

After the loss of Maverick, Logan welcomed Sir, an African Grey parrot, into his life. This addition showcases Logan’s love for birds and his commitment to providing them with a loving environment.

Quinn – The Pitbull Addition:

In July 2021, Logan expanded his canine family by adding Quinn, a Pitbull, to the mix. Quinn brings energy and excitement to Logan’s life, further enriching the pet-loving YouTuber’s journey.

Piggy Smalls – The Enigmatic Pig:

Piggy Smalls, a pig owned by Logan, adds an element of curiosity to the mix. While details about Piggy Smalls are less known, he is undoubtedly a part of Logan’s eclectic group of pets.

FAQs about Logan Paul Pet

FAQs about Logan Paul Pet

How many dogs has Logan Paul had?

In total, Paul has had five dogs.

What kind of dog does Logan Paul have?

Currently, Paul has one dog, Quinn, the Pitbull. Previously, he had a big dog named Broley, a Blue Husky, which he adopted after the unfortunate death of his Pomeranian, Kong.

However, in 2022, he gave Broley to his videographer, Mike YouTube.

Is Logan Paul’s big dog Ginger still alive?

She returned home with no information about her death.

What happened to Logan Paul’s pet bird?

The parrot was eaten by his dog Ginger. Maverick was a sun conure species of parrot and had been with Logan for seven years before the tragic incident. He posted an emotional tribute to Maverick on Instagram, expressing his sorrow over the loss.

What happened to Pearl the pig?

Pearl the pig’s situation became a topic of controversy when The Gentle Barn, a farm animal sanctuary, posted a viral video claiming that Pearl had been found abandoned in a field alongside a deceased pig.


Logan Paul’s love for animals shines through his eclectic collection of pets. From the unforgettable Maverick to the enigmatic Piggy Smalls, each one adds a unique flavor to his life.

These pets, with their quirky personalities, have become a part of Logan’s online and offline world. Whether you’re a pet lover or just a curious reader, exploring Paul’s pet kingdom is a delightful adventure worth embarking on in 2024.

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