WWE Crown Jewel 2023: Inside Match Of Logan Paul Vs Rey Mysterio

Welcome to an exclusive inside look at Logan Paul’s most electrifying WWE matches! Witness the high-energy, fiery showdowns as we delve deep into Paul’s battles with wrestling giants Logan Paul Vs Rey Mysterio.

From high-flying maneuvers to brute strength, these matches were not just fights; they were epic tales of athleticism and strategy. Buckle up as we break down the action-packed highlights and determine who really is the better wrestler.

What Behind The Match Between Logan Paul Vs Rey Mysterio

The match between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel 2023 was not just a clash of styles; it was a meeting of two worlds.

Paul, the multifaceted YouTuber turned wrestler, brought his athleticism and brash confidence to the ring against Mysterio, a seasoned luchador known for his high-flying tactics and speed.

The match was on fire, with each competitor pushing the other to their limits, showcasing their unique strengths and fighting spirits.a

In this match, fans say that Logan Paul saves Rey Mysterio Life. Why?

Fans zoom out and see that Logan uses his hand to cover Rey’s head, preventing from the fighting ground.

Logan Paul And Rey Mysterio Highlights:

The match-up between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio was a spectacle of sheer talent and resilience. Highlights include:

  • Brass Knuckles Turnaround: In a shocking twist, Logan Paul turned the tide of the match by slipping on brass knuckles right as Rey Mysterio aimed to finish him with the 619. This cunning use of the knuckles delivered a decisive and powerful blow to Mysterio.
  • Mysterio’s High-Flying Assault: Rey Mysterio, known for his acrobatic and high-flying wrestling style, showcased his signature moves throughout the match, including an attempt to seal the deal with the 619, thrilling the audience with his agility and veteran skills.
  • Paul’s Athletic Display: Logan Paul, leveraging his athleticism and physicality, kept up with the veteran Mysterio, displaying a combination of strength, agility, and tactical moves that highlighted his transition from a social media star to a serious wrestling contender.
  • Victory and Championship Claim: The match concluded with Logan Paul defeating Rey Mysterio, marking a significant milestone in his wrestling career by winning his first title, the United States Championship, and establishing himself as a rising star in WWE.
  • Post-Match Fallout: The aftermath of the match was filled with a mix of astonishment and celebration as Logan Paul reveled in his victory, while the audience absorbed the unexpected outcome of the veteran luchador passing the torch to the new champion. This victory set the stage for Logan Paul’s future endeavors and rivalries in the wrestling world.

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Logan Paul Vs. Rey Mysterio. Who Is Better?

Logan Paul Vs. Rey Mysterio. Who Is Better?

When comparing Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio, it’s a battle of potential versus experience.

Logan Paul: The Multifaceted Contender

  • Athleticism: Logan Paul brings a high level of athleticism to the ring, a testament to his background in various physical endeavors, including collegiate wrestling and boxing. His physical fitness and agility are impressive, and he has adapted quickly to the physical demands of professional wrestling.
  • Star Power: As a popular YouTuber and social media influencer, Paul has a significant following and brings a lot of attention to his matches. His charisma and ability to engage with the audience add a unique layer to his wrestling persona.
  • Rapid Improvement: Though new to the world of professional wrestling, Logan has shown a steep learning curve, quickly picking up the technical and performance aspects of the sport. Each match showcases his growing competence and understanding of wrestling strategy.

Rey Mysterio: The Veteran Luchador

  • Experience: With a career spanning over three decades, Rey Mysterio is one of the most experienced and respected figures in professional wrestling. His knowledge of the sport and understanding of in-ring psychology are unparalleled.
  • Lucha Libre Style: Mysterio is renowned for his high-flying Lucha Libre style, characterized by fast-paced, acrobatic maneuvers. This exciting wrestling style has earned him numerous championships and a dedicated fan base.
  • Technical Skill: Rey’s technical skills, agility, and innovative moves make him a formidable opponent. He has faced and triumphed over a wide range of competitors throughout his career, proving his adaptability and proficiency in the ring.


The matches between Logan Paul vs Rey Mysterio was more than just battles for titles; they were showcases of passion, skill, and determination. While Paul brings a new, energetic dynamic to the ring, he faces off against veterans who have defined and refined the art of wrestling.

As we look back on these high-energy encounters, it’s clear that each wrestler brings something unique to the mat, making every match an unpredictable and thrilling spectacle.

Whether new to the ring or a seasoned pro, the spirit of competition and the roar of the crowd drive these athletes to perform at their best, making wrestling an endlessly exciting world to witness.

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